Your coffee experience just got fresher! Save 10% off the regular price.

How it works

To get started, simply select one of our regular subscriptions above. You ask, then we deliver weekly! Receive your ethically traded, Waiheke-roasted coffee a full FOUR days after it has been roasted to perfection. Perfekt! Or as they say here in Aotearoa, Sweet As! Again in urban Te Reo: Tu Meke!

Tailor-made to suit you

We realise that our customers each have their own completely unique relationship with coffee. With this premise in mind, it became obvious to us that you need to be able to pause, increase or otherwise adjust your coffee subscription at any time. We’ve made it easy for you to change the details of your subscription in case you want to take a break while you’re away skiing, switch your caffeine intake up or down, cater to the tastes of the in-laws or the Christmas crowd or to triple your order for the busy summer season. Note that it’s also fine to keep the same details in your order rolling over, week after week. In this case, no special contact is required, simply become one of our automatic customers. If you are happy to receive the same great product in the same easy way week in, week out, we’re happy to keep on delivering it.


Yes, you can enjoy freshly roasted beans delivered regularly right to your doorstep! And you can have this beautiful thing, with ease. The pluses are many: never run out, you get to anticipate your regular Friday delivery, and can trust that the pride and passion we put into our coffee roasting will be yours to drink! In this way, you’ll always have your faithful friend to start your day with. Brand loyalty can be a beautiful thing.

What not to buy

A little heads-up on what is available to purchase at the supermarket: that stuff could be the cheapest product bought in bulk from anonymous global suppliers, blended to within an inch of its life. It will most likely be unethically traded and of an inferior grade. Those old beans could be contaminated with chemicals used to control pests and other diseases. The effect on your drinking pleasure could be manyfold: those beans may have been roasted MONTHS ago, they could be old and stale! Let’s face it, you mostly have to guess what the roasting batch date is for the coffee you find elsewhere. Bleurk.

Our weekly delivery service

We roast our coffee beans every week, let them de-gas (this is the technical bit) for a few days, then, we package them up and get them to you, our valued fresh-coffee-drinking subscribers, by Conchord or rickshaw (depending on where you live in beautiful Aotearoa or around the world).

Your cost savings will accrue 

When you invest in a coffee subscription with Waiheke Bean, we reward you, our valued customer, with a 10% discount as a way of saying ‘Thank you! Come again.’ Your repeat business gives you discount on the list price, which has to be a win – win for both you and us. Yay!