Here are a few of our favourite community activities & sponsorships

We love being at the local Ostend Community Market. It’s totally the social hub(bub) of Waiheke every Saturday. See you there?

We also sponsor sailing at the high school because we believe that kids who learn the art of managing a small boat on the ocean really helps them later in life. The seas of life can be rough!

We also regularly supply Waiheke Community Radio with lashings of coffee, which apart from keeping volunteers and interviewees awake, they use for audience giveaways.

The Waiheke Bean is also involved with the local ‘Garden to Table’ program. This is an amazing national program aims to change the way kids think about food. We supply the coffee at the end of each program, when children and volunteers sit down together to enjoy their reward for their hard work (coffee for adults only, of course).

We also supply raffle vouchers for various local fundraisers like Talking Tree Hill, Fossil Bay Kindergarten, the Waiheke Football Club, Jassy Dean Garden Safari – please get in touch with us to find out if we can support you in your great idea!

Onetangi beach, Waiheke Island


Thank you so much Waiheke Bean for consistently sponsoring WaiTalks you have made such a difference to our fundraising. Thank you for looking after our speakers and generously helping us when we’ve needed it. You are truly an awesome local company focused on the community.

Waiheke Radio’s volunteers and guests love to brew up a pot of locally roasted coffee before hitting the airwaves. We really appreciate the generous support of the Waiheke Bean.