We think we should also be concerned about the people who work in the long chain that leads from a coffee shrub to a rich roast in your cup. We also believe that it’s important to ensure that the coffee can continue to be produced and provided in a sustainable way.

For us sustainable means doing our bit to contribute to a system that doesn’t focus on dated concepts of economic growth, but instead increases social capital. This means that we are checking that people earn not just a living making our coffee, but feel part of a worthwhile and fulfilling community. That’s why we buy fairly traded coffee.


At the Waiheke Bean, we are taking small but definite steps to reduce our impact on our amazing planet. We’ve changed our packaging to a nifty new compostable product invented by a little New Zealand-owned and operated supplier called Econic! Using local innovation is always a preferred option. In this way, Waiheke Bean can radiate goodness that ripples outward like a pebble thrown into a lake.

We’re thrilled to have found a local product that gives us the assurance of quality and freshness without leaving a heavy mark on our environment. Our packaging is now fully compostable in your home compost bin, with a few easy steps taken by you. How exciting is that! By breaking down our packaging into something tasty for worms, your doing something good for the environment and avoiding all that plastic.

From bag to earth

If you don’t have access to a compost bin at home, you’re welcome to return your bags to us and we’ll sort that out for you. Here’s where to send them:

Empty Bag Return
The Waiheke Bean
PO Box 602 
Waiheke Island 1840