Consuming coffee responsibly

It seems obvious to us that there’s a huge and growing interest in how to consume coffee responsibility. Unfortunately, when considering all the environmental, social and political aspects in the complex supply chain of global coffee consumption, the desire to ‘do the right thing’ can be a little overwhelming. And with the vast array of claims of certifications and sustainability schemes on offer, it’s hard to know what ethical coffee actually is!

Given that it isn’t possible for us as consumers to consider at such length every purchasing decision we make, we have to trust the people we buy things from to be accountable and responsible. That’s where we at Waiheke Bean are happy to proudly step up and make the claims that we do about our product being as ethical as possible! 

For us here at Waiheke Bean, our business approach involves doing as much as we can to make sure that we’re looking after our fellow human beings in the global supply chain of coffee. We also give a huge care and concern about the environment, now and into our shared future (more on that following). We will continually ask those pertinent questions of our suppliers to make sure that we are doing as much and as close as we can to the right thing!

Papua New Gunea – Photo courtesy from John Burton